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Your Turn: A plea for more 'Snatch'

Posted Thursday, August 16, 2007 at 5:27 PM Central

by John Couture

Like any proud, self-respecting man, we've been dodging criticism since the day we set up shop on this little piece of virtual real estate that we like to call home. But, we've decided that from here on out we won't hide from our fans enemies any longer.

What that means for you is that occasionally (perhaps weekly, unless we get uber lazy) there will be a feedback story where we list some of your comments. These can range from comments about stories that we post to incessant comments bugging us to release that really obscure movie from 1934.

Either way, we present these comments for your amusement. Of course, we're not just going to sit back and let you wail on us like we did for the class bully back in grade school. Oh no, sarcastic comments will ensue.

As always, you can let us know what you think. And now, we can share your brilliance with the world.


Ten Movies Under Ten Years

I thought that Memento was a dragged out affair. It may have been a critic's darling but to me it was quite overrated, long and depressing.


Hey there Dennis, you get the proverbial "firsties." Congrats. Now, I will disagree as much as possible. I think that was the whole point of the movie. It's sort of hard to tell a story like Memento in 5 minutes with sock puppets. Although, I'd really like to see what a Carrie-Anne Moss sock puppet would look like.

I must say that I think you did a really great job with your top 10 movies list. I think you guys really nailed down a very solid list of movies and I really can't argue with any of them. If there was one movie i might suggest adding, it would be Snatch. Other then that though, great job. Also, how about extending it and making a top 25? Cheers!


While we couldn't agree with you more that every list needs a little more Snatch, we just couldn't fit it into the top 10 this time. Actually, we did have Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels in the top 15, if that helps.

While I recognize it is impossible to please everyone when making a top 10 list, do you realize how many of the movies on yours are steaming piles of ****? ... Also did you include any current movies on your list? Anything from last year? How about two years ago? ... I'll give you one suggestion, look at the movies on your list and ask yourself, how many of them are actually enjoyable to watch a second time.


Sorry Eric, I had to edit down your rather verbose email to make room for my next top ten list, "Movies that Eric thinks are awesome!" Sorry that Norbit didn't make the list. We'll try harder next time.

i check your site daily for my movie news.and like you said no one pays attention to movies of generation. sure the classics still rock but i like to see movies in my collection. i think you just gave me a reason to go back into my achives and have a movie marathon. keep up the good work. you guys rock


Run, Forrest, run!

Looking for Movies

I'm trying to locate... "The Quite Man" video,starring John Wayne,in a VHS format!Any help locatin' this video format would be "sorely" appreciated.


Well, first I'd suggest searching for The Quiet Man. And then, I'd suggest that while you're looking for it to buy a DVD player because sadly VHS is going the way of cassettes, or vinyl, or 8-Track. Sorry man.

hermans head needs to come out


I'm not going to touch that one. Nope. Not. Going. To. Do. It.


How can I contribute to your site?


Well, you just did. Thanks!

Briscoe, if you can't keep your ignorance of S.T. out of a story, don't, write it. I'm not a fan o "I Love Lucy" but I know who the hell the chracters are.


Hey Tim, I'll take this one. Mojo, comments like this one hurt. Why can't we all get along? We can't all translate English into Klingon on the fly and some of us don't know the difference between a tribble and a glommer. But your spiteful words only play into our ignorance. Next time, help a brother out and enlighten our feeble minds.

This message is for Michael Ebert. Are you the same Michael Ebert who had played the role of a husband to a Jewish American Princess circa 1968? She was an unattractive girl who needed to cast a husband as the father of her unnaturally conceived children. There is a criminal lawsuit in progress amidst this family, whose actions caused an assault to be perpetrated upon another family member. We hope to do some Discovery investigations regarding this matter. At this time, we offer our assurance to you that there is absolutely no culpability on your part and we can promise to assist you further in your career should you prove to be of help in this matter. Thank you


Paging Michael Ebert. There's a sleazy lawyer for you on line one. Yes, this is an actual email received and no, I am not really Michael Ebert living under the pseudonym John Couture.

The Best in Show

Two thumbs up!--your web site is the best. Easy to navigate, read. I check Fandango, but yours is better. John Couture bits are great -- honest, well written. Thanks!


Thanks Mom! No seriously, normally I will end this piece with the email that we deem the "best" of course that might mean the worst, or the one that made us wet our pants from laughter. Thanks for the kind words Gordon and I hope that this article doesn't change your opinion of us.